The Beginning

Long time ago, or actually in December 2007 a small concept saw the light of day. A simple Flash prototype sporting a simple drawing mechanic as seen in a number of games at the time e.g. Crayon Physics and Line Rider, in combination with platform gameplay, demonstrated a potential that we had not previously seen in Press Play.



Initial funding is secured

Spring came, and people’s response on the prototype was overwhelming. We started believing more the concept, but we needed money for further development.

In May 2008 that money came. We applied for and received grants from New Danish Screen (450.000 DKK) and the Nordic Game Program (400.000 DKK) – a total of 850.000, which is about 114.000 Euro. The Demo development could begin!


More money

In September 2008 the EU Media support scheme decided to support the project’s second phase with 53.000 Euro and another bottle of champagne was popped.

Developing the demo

Fall of 2008 – Work work work…



Demo is ready!

In February 2009 the demo is finally ready. Of course there were a number rough edges that still needed to be polished but finally the game had translated from a simple Flash prototype to an actual game with 6 levels in Unity 3D. We were happy and ready to conquer the world.


Publishers were contacted, mails were sent and the response was good – but not overwhelming. No one really wanted to go wholeheartedly into the project. A financial crisis had taken its tow the publishers willingness to take chances. They were not sure how to market Max, and the result was that they’d like to be a part of the project, but not to the extent that we were interested in.

So rather than having a partner who only invested halfway in the project we were inspired by 2D Boy to go all out indie and publish it ourselves digitally. So here we come!