Pirate Music & Game Audio

So here is the promised pirate track. Keep in mind that this is not a three-and-a-half-minute radio hit. Like all of the music in the game, it’s dynamic, changing according to where in the level you are.This is done by making vast amounts of loops that play well together and turning them on and off. So when you here this imagine you are running from pirate ship to another, dropping ink on monsters, and inventing your own genious contraption to get from a to b.

Another thing about the audio in the game is our metronome, which handles just about all sound effects in the game. It then syncronizes the sounds on the fly to match the music in the level. So for instance when you knock down a pile of boxes and they fall to the ground, the sound of each box hitting the ground is triggered just in time to make it sound like it’s a part of the music.

It’s hard to explain without sounding silly – you’ll have to hear and try for yourself.


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September 27th, 2009N.Alperson

Cool music. Very original.

September 3rd, 2009Malouff

Amazon is offering a free MP3 download.

Go to http://snurl.com/firstmil

As the instructions say enter in the code FIRSTMIL

After that do a search for Analogik and you can get one of their songs for free.

Way to go Amazon and Analogik :)

P.S. Does Analogik have any favorite songs they would like to recommend?

September 1st, 2009Malouff

Wow, I had no idea the music would be dynamic in this game.

This also add some to the replay value.

I am loving Analogik’s music and can’t wait to play and hear this myself.

Thank you for the update and even taking the time to create a themed flash player for this game audio sample.