Long time no write, and sorry for that. We have been busy working on our other games, one of which was released this summer. Yes, that was Tentacles. Look out for more of this game soon! We have two new games in production both of them set to release this year – exciting, right?

This is a new years greeting and a tip to remind you that right now you can get Max & the Magic Marker as part of the very awesome IndieRoyale New Year’s Bundle along with three other cool indie games: Fractal, Nuclear Dawn and Super Crossfire! You can get all four games for a price less than a copy of Max on this site!

We look forward to hearing a lot more from you in 2012 and of course present our new games.

Happy New Year everyone!

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January 10th, 2012Sebastiaan

I just bought the IndieRoyale bundle, but somehow everytime i run the steam – osx version of Max and the Magic Marker it crashes instantly. No splashscreen, nothing. Just a *poof* Max quit unexpectedly.

I have to mention i AM running Mac OS 10.7.2 (Lion). Anything i can do that will let me play this awesome game ?

January 9th, 2012Martin

Pretty, pretty, pretty please upadte Steam version to HD :-) It sucks that steam user can’t play “the better” version :-( As Razakin wrote – try asking people on steam forum if they want their saves or HD version – I’m possitive that the answer will be HD! :-)

January 7th, 2012Razakin

Would it be possible to make HD version be switchable at settings? (of course that, would mean more work to the coder(s)) But in that way, you could probably make it work so that old saves would not be deleted.

Or just ask on Steam forums if people would care about deleted saves just to get HD version also.

January 6th, 2012Andreas Otten


i got the error “Input not supported” when
i launch the game.
I have tried all resolutions also 16/32 Bit.

OS = WinXP with SP 3
Geforce GT9800

The Message comes from the Monitor.

Some help, please :(

January 6th, 2012it's a me

Any chance to update/add the x button or instant erase on steam version?

And why the 1920×1080 res in HD version doesn’t stretch out? It’s only fit the screen in 1680×1050 res

January 5th, 2012 rune

Yes, and thanks for reminding me!

With the IndieRoyal Bundle you get actually two versions of the game, the original PC version and the HD version.

The difference between the two are not only the higher definition. The HD verso also sports the 58 short level structure know from the iPad and iPhone, MacOS App Stoere version and from the PSN version. This structure is not compatible with the original and the therefore the Steam version has never been updated, because it would screw up everyones save games.

So if you want to experience the delicious HD version, which I highly recommend because of the much prettier graphics, you should play it standalone.

January 5th, 2012nobody

The writeup mentions that the non-Steam download they’re offering represents a new “HD version” with “completely different level structure.” Any chance you could chime in with some of those differences? And will those changes eventually propagate to the Steam download as well?