What kind of game is Max & the Magic Marker?

The cool kind! Max & the Magic Marker is a puzzle platformer, with a unique drawing mechanic. You control the young boy Max, in his effort to catch the monster he created using his magic marker.

The game is based on a basic drawing mechanic, where everything you draw becomes physical objects. The object of the game is to get our beloved hero Max to the end of each level. This requires skill controlling Max and overcoming dangers and obstacles, and creative thinking when tools are needed like a big hat to avoid the acid rain or a seesaw when something up high must be fixed.

Who created Max & the Magic Marker?

Max is created by Press Play – an independent studio based in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Check out the team as we looked in April 2010:

How can I get Max on my (brand new) Windows Phone 7?

By going to the Marketplace and buy it there. It is very easy, provided that you live in a country where the service is available.

How can I get Max on Wii?

The game is available through the WiiWare service world wide. If you have a Wii, but never downloaded a game, you should do the following steps:

  • Get your Wii online, using the built in Wi-Fi receiver. Never connected your Wii to the Internet? Use this guide.
  • Go to the “Shop Channel”
  • Choose WiiWare
  • Search game by title, type in Max
  • Voila – all you have to do from here is to type in your credit card information and hit the BUY button!

I’m 8 years old – can I play the game?

Yes! As the “Chart of the Games Official Age Guidelines” shows, if you are eight, you can play the game, anywhere you like. If you are younger than seven, you should make sure only to play the game outside of Europe or in Germany.

How long is the game (AKA what do I get for my money)?

The game features 15 levels in three different worlds. Our tests have shown that this gives about 4 hours of gameplay time – perhaps slightly less for the really experienced Wii sharks and a bit more for most of us. The internal studio record for a speed run through is 57 minutes. There are hidden “black orb” collectibles in each level that add some replayability for the completionists.

Who made the music?

The amazing Danish balkan hiphop band Analogik is responsible for the audio in the game. The beautiful mix of cool beats and playful clarinet and violin, sets just the right surrealistic atmosphere.

Can I try Max before I buy?

Yes. We have made a demo version of the game that runs directly in the browser using the Unity plugin. Try it here! This demo looks and feels much like the real deal – with the obvious exception of the Wii controls.

Will we see Max on other platforms?

You bet! We are working on getting the game ready for a number of additional platforms – but we can’t yet say which and when.