Long time no write, and sorry for that. We have been busy working on our other games, one of which was released this summer. Yes, that was Tentacles. Look out for more of this game soon! We have two new games in production both of them set to release this year – exciting, right?

This is a new years greeting and a tip to remind you that right now you can get Max & the Magic Marker as part of the very awesome IndieRoyale New Year’s Bundle along with three other cool indie games: Fractal, Nuclear Dawn and Super Crossfire! You can get all four games for a price less than a copy of Max on this site!

We look forward to hearing a lot more from you in 2012 and of course present our new games.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Worldwide on iOS

Max is out worldwide on iOS! We have done a lot to improve and adjust the game to fit the platform and are really proud of this version of the game. We have divided the levels into smaller ones, introduced an achievement system and three star ratings. Go get it and tell everyone you see with an iPhone/iPad to buy it too!

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WiiWare DEMO!

We are happy to announce that Nintendo has opened a slot for a demo of Max & the Magic Marker. The demo is already available on WiiWare in Europe and is coming to the US on the 27th of December. The demo gives you a complete level from the original game and lets you play around with the drawing mechanic as much as you want.

Go get your Wii online and help your friends, family and neighbours to do the same!

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Just another day at the office


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Windows Phone 7: Max is now portable

Max & the Magic Marker WP7

Looking sweeter than ever and with the best drawing mechanic to date, Max & the Magic Marker is now officially out for Windows Phone 7 world wide. There is a free demo available too – and of course a brand new achievement system hooked up to Xbox Live. The game has a brand new hint system and drawing with your finger directly on the screen makes it the most accessible version of Max & the Magic Marker to date.

To celebrate the release we have launched a Windows-Phone-Price-campaign here on this site. This means that you can now buy Max & the Magic Marker for PC and Mac for only $6.99!

Go get it! And tell your friends too!

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Max on Windows Phone 7

Hooray! It is now official that Max will be one of the launch titles for the Windows Phone 7 telephone-phone.

During the last months we have worked hard to make a version of Max that would suit the touchscreen interface, and we are really proud of the result – the game works really well with on the phone.

Porting the game from Unity to XNA was a lot of work but the optimizations, the general code overhaul, and especially a new children’s feature suggesting possible solutions along the way makes us proud to call this the best version of Max to date.

Now all we need is for somebody to buy the phone, so they can have a go.

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Children are crazy!

A while ago we made a drawing contest. The goal for us was to let everyone else do the hard creative work, while we just sit back and enjoy the fruits of it. We wanted people to send in drawings of Max in crazy situations – or what they wish was in the game, and it turns out CHILDREN ARE CRAZY!!! Our creativity is the equivalent of an insurance salesman, when we compare with what these kids have come up with.

The winner of the contest is a genious named Oskar Eno Dejgaard from Slangerup and he drew the picture above – click it to get a better view. Here’s a quick outline of how I understand this work of art.
Max is being dragged to sea, tied up by a number of birds and making a green fart. Underneath him and the surface of the water, a lasagna car is chasing a beer truck. The driver of the lasagna car is smashing his front window with a cup of coffee. The coffee is so hot it is on fire. I am guessing the round things between the car and the truck are some sort of doughnuts coming off the beer truck in front?
However, my favorite detail is the bird on the left. I can’t really make out if it is drinking or puking in the toilet attached to Max’s leg.

Oskar, we love you and your drawing – please make us another one…
Oh, and by the way, the Wii is coming your way. Give us a call or send us an email then we’ll figure out the details.
Happy summer everyone!

A small sample of the competition entries…

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Long time no see – and we are truly sorry about that. The positive spin on that is that we got lots of awesome news for you!

Important stuff first: Max & the Magic Marker debuts on Steam RIGHT NOW! So everyone out there waiting for this, go nuts and buy it now :-)

The Steam version includes the latest update (1.04) to the PC and Mac versions of the game. It is of course also available right here. Enjoy!

On the WiiWare side of things Rakugaki Hero launched in Japan in mid April as part of cool publisher Marvelous’ World Game Parade initiative. Seeing the game out in Japan is a childhood dream come true for us and we are very excited about it. If you are from Japan – go get it in the WiiWare shop right away and become our friend.

What else? Best Nordic Childrens Game 2010! It is true – Max won the award at the Nordic Game Conference in Sweden two weeks ago. Awesome Trials HD went with the “Best Game” award – something they deserved badly for that incredibly addicting game!

In general we had a really great conference. Klaus and Lasse presented the lovely “Bob Came in Pieces” on the “Indie Night” and the Ludosity guys humorously demonstrated how good Max is – for drawing dicks.

Thanks to Copenhagen Game Collective for a great night and Ludosity for great fun! At the very same conference I personally had the pleasure of cutting up the business model for Max in the official Post-Mortem – thanks to everyone listening in on that, feel free to email me questions :-)

Just to make our party better, the Nordic Game Program awarded us 67.000 Euro for our next project, of which I can’t say anything yet – except that it is going to be something with tentacles… Many thanks for that!

That was all for now, hopefully it won’t be long before we post again!

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2nd update on updates

Today we have released a new patch to the PC and Mac versions of Max & the Magic Marker – available now on the updates page.

It fixes many bugs and we really think it plays a lot better than the previous. We hope you all will download and enjoy the patch from our update site and again we apologize for the inconvenience that it may have caused!

Please keep on reporting bugs (if you see them) – it is valuable to us and the quality of the game.

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New Demo

As our friends on facebook already know, we have made a new demo.
Some people found the first one too hard, so this time the plan is to start easy and take it from there.  We hope you like it…

Max up your website
If you are the proud administrator of a homepage on the World Wide internet Web, and you would like to have Max running on it, please let us know. We would be more than happy to let you host the demo too.
If anyone would like to get a stand-alone version of the demo, go get at

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